YC&AC and the Yokohama Community

YC&AC is lucky to find itself in the thriving Yokohama community, rich in sports, education, and culture past and present. Use the navigation bar above to see more information on our friendly staff, our Board of Directors, our friends among the community, and the clubs with which we hold reciprocal agreements.

The City of Yokohama provides a wide range of invaluable information in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese, in both print and online formats. We highly recommend the City’s website to all newcomers to Yokohama.

The Yokohama Visitors Guide publishes a useful calendar of the events which are held annually in the city.

The Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE) posts news of upcoming events and all variety of activities both on its website .

The Yokohama Archives of History were established on June 2, 1981, at the historic site where Japan and the U.S. signed the Treaty of Kanagawa in 1854. The purposes of the Archives are to preserve and exhibit to the public historical materials from the Edo period to the Taisho-Showa era, and to facilitate understanding across generations and interaction among citizens. The Club has been fortunate enough to explore and exhibit portions of its history as part of the many decades of international culture in Yokohama, thanks to the Yokohama Archives.


The children of YC&AC members attend a variety of Japanese and international schools in Yokohama and Tokyo. Historically, YC&AC has enjoyed particularly close relationships with two neighbor schools, renowned internationally for their quality of education:


Saint Maur International School – “Established in 1872, as innovators of international education in Japan, the school continues to meet the needs of children (co-educational, 2½ years to Grade 12) from the multi-cultural, multi-faith international community.” –


Yokohama International School – When its doors opened for the first day of class in 1924, it was the second school to have adopted “international” in its name, following the International School of Geneva. It has since earned high accolades for its excellence in academia. –


Rugby: The YC&AC Ist XV play in the Japan Rugby Football Union’s East Japan Top Club League.
The YC&AC rugby teams are sponsored by Morningstar Gold and Magellan.

Football: The YC&AC Ist and 2nd XIs play in the Tokyo Metropolis League. YC&AC also hosts many TML games not directly involving the Club’s own football teams.
The YC&AC Over 35s play mostly friendly fixtures organized with the cooperation of the Yokohama Football Association.
In the summer, the Over 35s play in the Kanagawa Football Association’s Masters League.
All of the YC&AC men’s football teams are sponsored by Tullett Prebon.
The British Football Academy has held soccer school classes at the Club for many years.
YC&AC enjoys a close friendship with the professional Yokohama F. Marinos football team.

Baseball: The YC&AC baseball team play mostly friendly fixtures on the Club’s famous old grounds and, over the years, has come to form an especially close friendship with the Tokyo Eagles.
Yokohama Baseball Stadium is located close to the site of the YC&AC’s original grounds in Yokohama Park. Come on you Baystars.

Basketball: Pape Mour Faye, a professional basketball player with Yokohama B-Corsairs, served as a coach and intern at YC&AC in the summer of 2011.